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Brake System

Finished in F Sport blue with white F Sport logos, the upgraded brakes are unmistakably dramatic. An aggressive visual appearance is also achieved with noticeably larger calipers and rotors that can be seen easily through the wheel spokes.

Important Notes: F Sport Brake Upgrades are available for both the front and rear of the IS and GS models. Front brakes may be upgraded separately or in conjuction with rear brakes; however, front upgrades are required for rear upgrades. No modifications to the brake master cylinder are required. The calipers accommodate the OE brake hoses and retain the indexing feature at the hose attachment point to ensure hoses do not interfere with suspension components. Replacement rotors are avaiable separately and do not require replacement of the center hub. Special low-dust F Sport performance street brake pads are included.

F Sport Shocks

Developed in cooperation with Bilstein and available exclusively through the F Sport Performance Accessory program, this shock absorber set offers sport-tuned suspension dampening without sacrificing ride quality. F Sport Shock Set includes 4 shock absorbers (2 front and 2 rear) along with the 4 springs perches.

Available for Lexus IS and Lexus GS models.

F Sport Forged 18/19 inch Wheels

Wheels can make or break the look of your car. Dress up your Lexus with forged-aluminum wheels that were designed, tooled and manufactured exclusively for the F Sport enhanced IS. Coated in a durable graphite gray finish with aluminum-clad center caps with an embossed F Sport logo, there will be no mistaking your intentions. But even more than making a strong visual impact, the benefit lies in performance. Forged aluminum yields a stronger, lighter wheel, yet the vehicle's un-sprung weight doesn't suffer. The low aspect ratio tires have stiffer sidewalls that help enhance handling and deliver a firmer ride.


Offset and sizing of the wheels have been fully tested and validated to ensure use with the widest possible tire size front and rear without rubbing or interference. The wheels are fully compatible with the OE tire inflation sensors. Available on 18 and 19 inches.

F Sport Anti-Roll Bars

Body roll is an enemy when it comes to turning a corner. Enhancing the front and rear OE sway bars to foster maximum control and precision, F Sport upgrade sway bars increase roll stiffness, particularly in the rear, improving agility and responsiveness upon turn-in and during slalom-type maneuvers.


The bars are finished in F Sport blue and come with high durometer replacement rubber bushings that are harder than the OE bushings so there's less deflection at the bushing mount. They are available for the Lexus IS and the Lexus GS models respectively.

F-Sport Performance Air Intake

Breathing, improved. The F Sport High-Flow Air Intake incorporates the existing Lexus filter enclosure top, but replaces the critical bottom half with a specially designed and reshaped intake which produces a deeper, more powerful intake sound that varies with throttle applications and generates a small increase in rear wheel horsepower. The filter assembly is connected to the engine throttle body by a polished, clear-coated aluminum tube featuring a TIG-welded, machined aluminum F Sport logo visible under the hood.


But this intake is different. Smarter. Unlike most performance intakes, which causes the Lexus IS to lose its low-emissions rating, F Sport has engineered a solution that meets C.A.R.B. aftermarket emission requirements, making it emission legal in most countries.

F Sports Sports Steering Wheel

It provides a more ergonomics feel on the steering wheel.

Easy access with the bottom flat design, blue threading with quality leather bond.

Grid is much firmer and border.

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